Object Design Recruits its First UK Internet Systems Integrator

May 1996

Object Design, a leading object database and tools supplier, has recruited its first UK Internet systems integrator, Global Web Limited, a two year old World Wide Web specialist, based in Aberdeen, Scotland. This announcement follows Object Design's Internet announcement in April 1996.

In a competitive evaluation process, Global Web selected Object Design's pure object database, ObjectStore, as the platform for its commercial and industrial Intranet and Internet applications. The first offering will be a management workbench application for the corporate marketplace, with a focus on the oil and gas sector.

Jim Bealge, vice president, Europe Object Design said,

"Partners such as Global Web, who have the proven expertise and technology to develop high quality commercial applications based on ObjectStore, mark a key component of Object Design's World Wide Web business."

He continued,

"End user organisations are beginning to appreciate that the data-rich Intranet and Internet applications are a natural fit for object database technology. Integrating object technology into the everyday working environment will reduce costs and increase worker productivity."

Global Web's management workbench application will provide a framework that enables complex workflow integration of corporate operations from the desktop. The application is to be deployed at AOC International, a leading oil services company based in Scotland, in June 1996 for 500 end users.

Dr. Gary Whittington, technical director, Global Web, said,

"By using Internet, Intranet and World Wide Web technology based on ObjectStore, we are able to offer end users the ability to cost effectively network their PCs and Macs to create an efficient management information framework at the workplace and beyond."

Global Web Limited provides services focussed on commercial and industrial applications for professionals. These include on-line commerce, value added network services, Intranet-based communications, distributed publishing, information navigation and knowledge engineering services.

Global Web Limited's clients in the energy sector include the Scottish Oil and Gas Web. Global Web's expertise covers business applications, for example, process re-engineering, computing technologies (eg object orientation) and emergent technologies (such as neurocomputing and on-line intelligence services). Its expertise in telecomputing includes intelligent agents and Java-based technologies that have already been applied to corporate and research applications.

Joint Press Release: 24 May 1996.

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