Press Release: New Company set-up to Exploit Information Superhighway

May 1995

Global Web, a specialist developer of on-line services and telecomputing products, started operating from its based in the Aberdeen Science and Technology Park in March this year and has already achieved considerable success.

The company is currently working with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) on a project for users of the latest computing technology known as Neurocomputing.

Global Web manages the DTI Neurocomputing Web, a 'one-stop-shop' Internet service that provides comprehensive programme information; software documents and achieves; on-line discussion groups and event information, and demonstrator programmes.

Dr. Gary Whittington, Global Web's technical director, commented,

"The DTI contract was a major coup for our company and it reflects our capability to provide the most technical comprehensive and cost-effective management resource for industry using the information superhighway."
"Global Web aims to provide Scottish industry with the most advanced technology available for its commercial advantage. The Internet, if managed properly, is a very valuable business tool, and Global Web can ensure that companies achieve the maximum benefit possible from this computer network."

he added.

Global Web, which was established by Dr. Gary Whittington and employees three full time staff and a number of teleworkers and contractors, provides a wide range of computer technology services such as Internet-based communications, World Wide Web publishing, information navigation and access to other network facilities.

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