Web Site and Web Services (FAQ)

Can you provide a fixed bid?

Yes. Almost all our projects for clients are based on fixed prices. Day rates are available upon request.

Do you use third parties?

Yes. See our Partner Organisation section for more details about other organisations that we may work with on a project.

How do you determine the cost of projects?

Project costs are based upon the scope of the work, timeline for delivery and the resources required to complete the project. Each project is costed individually and the client receives a written quotation for the work and a description of its scope.

How do you handle changes in project requirements?

Any changes in scope during a project are mutually agreed before any implementation changes are made.

How long will development take?

Like any other organisation we prefer as much lead time as possible in order to complete any project. However, often we can start within two weeks of the contract being awarded. The client is always made aware of any changes that will influence the final delivery date of a project.

How quickly can you start my project?

This depends upon our current workload. Typically a project will be started a few weeks after the contract is awarded.

What expansion options are provided?

Various, depending upon the project, but in all cases we provide an open solution enabling future development and integration.

What is included in your web site development projects?

Global Web Limited provides a customised solution for each of our clients. Each client's needs are analysed and understood before each project is started. Thus the scope and deliverables for each project are different for each of our clients.

What type of organisations do you typically serve?

Global Web's clients have included large multi-national organisations, government agencies, national organisations and a number of medium size businesses in a diverse range of industries.

Who else have you done work for?

Various, please see our Projects Portfolio for examples. A complete list is available upon request.