Scottish Science and Technology Network (SSTN)

Schools are able to access a whole spectrum of industry-related information, resources, advice and support, linked to the Scottish curriculum, via a central web site. Pupils are encouraged to explore science subjects and to develop skills in using the latest information technology.

  • Schools and mentors benefit from improved understanding of each other's worlds.
  • SSTN supports key government educational and IT initiatives.
  • Stimulating young minds in exciting technologies.
  • Supporting innovation and technology in Scotland.
  • SSTN aids the drive to encourage young people to consider careers within science and technology.
  • At the heart of the project is the innovative portal web site:

In this project Global Web Limited has provided a range of consultancy, knowledge management as well as developing the publicity and (password protected) desktop portal service.

The project has moved to from a two year pilot to its national launch early in 2004.

The client for this project is: Careers Scotland (part of Scottish Enterprise).


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