Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Funded Production Boosting Project Goes Live!

September 2009

Wellcom Skid

Global Web Limited is one of the four partner organisations for the Technology Strategy Board (TSB) Funded Project (16353): Brownfield Production Boosting Project. In the first phase of this project a technology demonstration system has been built at Cranfield University. In the second phase a range of field trials is being undertaken with ENI on the Hewett Field in UKCS during late 2009 and 2010.

The aim of this project is to enable a standardised production boosting system to be developed which uses high pressure gas/oil to increase the production from low pressure wells. Such systems can be used with multiphase wells due to the inclusion of Caltec's patented I-SEP technology.

Typically a 25-40% increase in production for low pressure wells is possible with this technology.

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