Scottish Learning Network (SLN)

The Scottish Learning Network (SLN), a two year project, part funded by the European Social Fund, was delivered in 1999-2001 across all of the Scottish Enterprise area. The project was managed by Scottish Enterprise Grampian.

The project aimed to:

  • develop the skills and knowledge of learning suppliers relating to e-Learning
  • deliver learning content and support to on-line learners
  • test the methodologies for on-line support to learners - resulting in a new SQA qualification 'Providing On-Line Support To Learners'
  • provide learners with information on learning opportunities

Global Web Limited, although a contractor to the project, played a very active part in providing advice, guidance and support to the SLN project team.

Global Limited Web built the SLN web site, which provided all users with their own personalised 'desktop' through which they could access all project resources. Tutors, learners and support staff therefore had access to all the information and services that met their personal needs - rather than having to 'search' within the site.

A web based database was build to host learning information (including that beyond the immediate needs of SLN): including course and supplier details. This was a sophisticated database which allowed learning suppliers to up-date all the content for their own organisation on line - in real time, and also to export all their data from the site to a CSV or Microsoft EXCEL file. Learners were able to identify appropriate learning information through a very effective search facility.

Since the closure of this project, the database has been adapted to provide Grampian based learners with access to local learning information, via the Grampian Learning Network.


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