Global Web Limited (GWL) has been developing and implementing Java-based desktop and networked application since the launch of the language. With some principle technologies still being actively developed for our cloud infrastructure.

Global Web Limited (GWL) has, since the launch of Java, accumulated an extensive range of Java development and programming skills. Global Web Limited has designed, developed and implemented Java-based desktop and networked applications. Global Web Limited's principal development tool has been the Java programming language.

For a number of years GWL has deployed solutions that are XML compatible and has used ToolTalk, CORBA and more recently SOAP to provide network-based access to our application services.

Our Java solutions provide our clients with portable solutions that can be easily deployed on Windows, Macintosh or Unix based environments without modification.

By providing open-standards based solutions our clients are assured that they can readily integrate our solutions into their existing systems and provide a foolproof future route for new developments.

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