We use a range technologies to delivery our products and services including:

Virtualisation and Cloud Infrastructure

We have deployed our application in a variety of settings, whether it’s on our system with our in-house servers or in large data centres like Amazon Web Services or Digital Ocean. We can deploy on the most suitable setups for the situation, whether it’s on Apache, Tomcat or Nginx running on a range of linux distributions.


Over the twenty years we have developed our own frameworks that we develop for rapid development of client systems, but also have experience with popular web frameworks such as Ruby on Rails.

State of the Art Web Standards

We develop websites and web applications using current standards including HTML5, CSS3, SASS using modern design language that scales beautifully and responsively to devices of all sizes whilst maintaining compatibility with legacy browsers.

Content Management

Global Web have developed a popular multipurpose content management system, capable of managing both publicity websites and enterprise portals. Our clients use this to manage internal operations like time-tracking, expenses, project management, document sharing spaces, booking systems and staff annual leave.

Knowledge Management

Global Web Limited has a range of technologies that can be applied to the knowledge management domains. These include capture, representation, processing and administration. Our tools are experience ensure that we are well placed to apply KM techniques both from the small scale to the enterprise with a single unified approach.


Global Web Limited (GWL) has been developing and implementing Java-based desktop and networked application since the launch of the language. With some principle technologies still being actively developed for our cloud infrastructure.

Databases and Repositories

We actively deploy applications using both relational and object-oriented databases including MySQL, MongoDB, SQL and NoSQL. that serve clients of various sizes. Whether it’s for a small business who need to manage customer data or a large organisation managing hundreds of thousands of documents and TBs of data we have provided a solution for it.

Internet Protocols and Standards

All of our content management systems and portals are running the latest HTTP/2 standard, providing considerable speed improvements over it’s predecessor SPDY. Global Web Limited (GWL) has extensively used and researched various Internet protocols and standards. Global Web Limited has worked with various leading companies, such as Sun Microsystems, in beta development programmes for new products.

Neural Computing and Knowledge-based Systems

Global Web Limited has a broad range of skills in the fields of neural computing and knowledge-based system. We can blend both types of solutions to provide an elegant solution for our clients as well as deploying single point technology solutions.

Open Source

Global Web Limited (GWL) are proud to support the open source community and to contribute to this growing movement both software and knowledge bases.