Web Manager Desktop e-Marketing

Global Web Limited (GWL) has been commissioned to produce a range of e-mail based communications - so called e-cards. E-cards provide our clients with interactive and/or entertaining ways to communicate to the recipients. Such e-cards have included conventional HTML-based e-mail, promotional e-cards and survey-based e-cards.

Based upon proven desktop technology GWL can provide a unique range of on-line marketing solutions via its e-marketing package. These provide a scalable e-mail marking solution which is fully integrated with our other products. This helps new and existing clients to manage and deploy e-marketing campaigns via their existing desktop-based web sites.

Benefits using our integrated solution include:

  • Re-use of existing on-line profiles
  • Enhanced ROI through embedded best practices
  • Integrated custom feedback and monitoring
  • Integrated database with download capabilities
  • Integrated customer preferences
  • Seamless integration with desktop technologies
  • Supports HTML and TEXT marketing formats

Features of our solution include:

  • User preference management
  • Data management
  • User classification (by group, profile or interest)
  • Easy to use web-based service
  • Time content delivery
  • Response management

Examples of successful e-marketing campaigns can be seen in our Portfolio section.

Features and Benefits

100% Web-basedNo download or installation is required on to your local computers. Access is via a password protected web site. This reduces your computer support costs and allows access to a mobile workforce.
Knowledge-basedStructured editors provide knowledge-based solutions to managing your information. All content is not the same (products are not the same as news items) whilst other products force you to apply the same structure to all your content yourself. Web Manager Desktop e-Marketing provides best-practice, proven knowledge-object solutions with a simple-to-use interface.
Simple-to-UseWeb Manager Desktop has a complete set of on-screen guidance notes for every screen as well as providing contextual help supporting workflow based learning model.
Self-Service ModelAll Web Manager Desktop e-Marketing activities are carried out on-line using a self-service model. This means that you are in control working from when and where you like. This reduces your costs and dependencies on expensive IT suppliers.
Integrated Search EngineWeb Manager Desktop e-Marketing includes an embedded search engine as well as the option to integrate with other third-party search engines.
Integrated Meta-Data and Internet Engines SupportWeb Manager Desktop e-Marketing includes full meta-data standards support, which is automatically used to create optimized HTML pages for Internet search engines. This relieves the user from managing this process directly by automating the process as far as possible.
Integrated e-Marketing OptionWeb Manager Desktop e-Marketing fully integrates with a comprehensive e-marketing package that can be customised to meet your needs. This saves time and effort in managing two systems when only one integrated solution is required.
Integrated e-Commerce OptionWeb Manager Desktop e-Marketing fully integrates with our e-commerce options and can also work with other leading third-party e-commerce 'shopping basket' and e-commerce packages.
ScalabilityWeb Manager Desktop e-Marketing is based upon highly scaleable technologies (Java, Servlet, SQL, etc) that allows for full loading balancing as your business needs expand
Unified InformationInformation is seamlessly integrated between all our desktop packages. This saves time and money whilst keeping the latest information at all your employees' desktops.
24 Hour AccessYour content can be managed 24x7. This means international teams can manage their own information and you can make those last minute updates from the train, plane or exhibition floor.
Future ProofWeb Manager Desktop e-Marketing is well positioned to take on the challenges of your future needs. Its standards based approach ensures that you transition to next generation technologies, tools and processes.

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