Web Manager Desktop (WMD)

Web Manager Desktop provides an easy-to-use, modular knowledge-based solution to managing web sites. This can include managing publicity web sites, product support sites, intranets and extranet. Web Manager Desktop is built upon a proven portal technology (Knowledge Desktop) that has been used by thousands of satisfied users worldwide.

How Does Web Manager Desktop (WMD) Work?

Using Web Manager Desktop (WMD) to create, edit and publish web site content is as simple as 1-2-3.

Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
Step One Step Two Step Three
First an authorized user logs into their web site and uses on-screen forms to create, edit and update their content. Users can then easily preview their content on-screen. Note that the Web Manager Desktop (WMD) software automatically changes all the related content such as news indexes, site maps, RSS feeds - a huge time and costs saving. To publish their changes the user then selects the 'Publish' option and the changes are published to the live web site.

Now you can see why its as easy as 1-2-3!


Web Manager Desktop (WMD) allows web-based users to remotely create, update and publish web site content. The information entered is stored in a knowledge-based system and then compiled (in real-time) to form pages of a web site. Both the 'management' environment and the published web site content have fully customisable functionality and visual layout.

Web Manager Desktop (WMD) provides scalable solutions for small organisations to international enterprises to handle their information. Typically smaller organisations start with the Web Manager Desktop SME and add additional modules of functionality as their needs expand.

Key features and benefits of using Web Manager Desktop are:

  • Easy-to-use
  • Knowledge-based
  • Expandable and flexible

Please see our detailed Features and Benefits section below for more details.

Typical applications areas for Web Manager Desktop are:

  • Publicity Web Sites
  • Product Support Web Sites
  • Intranets
  • Extranets

Why is Web Manager Desktop Different from Other Solutions?

Unlike other web content management solutions Web Manager Desktop is a knowledge-based portal solution. The information about your organisation and its services/products are not embedded in the web site pages but is stored separately in a knowledge base. Web Manager Desktop understands the relationship between the objects used in your site (products, services, company profiles, news items, FAQs, etc.) and treats each uniquely to build the web service to meet your needs.

Remember all information stored in Web Manager Desktop can be readily repurposed and reused (in other ways unforeseen when the information was created).

As Web Manager Desktop uses the proven technology of Knowledge Desktop Portal Server its also easy to integrate with other external systems.

How Do You Get Started?

There are over fifty different standard modules available (as of Summer 2004). However, there are standard entry points to the web manager suite. These are:

Please Contact Us to schedule an on-line demonstration.

Features and Benefits

Feature Benefits
100% Web-based No download or installation is required on to your local computers. Access is via a password protected web site. This reduces your computer support costs and allows access to a mobile workforce.
Knowledge-based Structured editors provide knowledge-based solutions to managing your information. All content is not the same (products are not the same as news items) whilst other products force you to apply the same structure to all your content yourself. Web Manager Desktop (WMD) provides best-practice, proven knowledge-object solutions with a simple-to-use interface.
On-Screen Editing Users can quickly access the information they desire and modify it using simple on-screen editing tools. They can quickly create, modify, preview and then publish their content. This saves you time and money - no more expensive third party web fees.
1-2-3 Process Creating, editing and publishing content in Web Manager Desktop (WMD) is a simple 1-2-3 process. This reduces your cost of ownership allowing in-house editing and updating of your staff anytime anywhere.
Simple-to-Use Web Manager Desktop has a complete set of on-screen guidance notes for every screen as well as providing contextual help supporting workflow based learning model.
Automatic Hypertext Being knowledge-based allows Web Manager Desktop (WMD) to provide users with a highly interlinked hypertext environment (that is automatically maintained by the system). This significantly reduces the cognitive load on the managers of the system by automatically building hypertext links for the users.
Standards Compliant From web page delivery to content storage Web Manager Desktop (WMD) excels by complying with the latest technical Internet standards. This saves you time, effort and money in the future by allowing reuse of your content.
Integrated Workflow Help System Each desktop contains a workflow based help system to allow users to quickly 'step-out' and engage in workflow learning and then again re-engage in the target task. This reduces support and training costs and allows flexible working models.
Integrated e-Marketing Option Web Manager Desktop (WMD) fully integrates with a comprehensive e-marketing package that can be customised to meet your needs. This saves time and effort in managing two systems when only one integrated solution is required.
Integrated e-Commerce Option Web Manager Desktop (WMD) fully integrates with our e-commerce options and can also work with other leading third-party e-commerce 'shopping basket' and e-commerce packages.
Web-based Administration All administrator processes use a self-services model that can be carried out on-line via the web. This reduces both administration time and IT support costs.

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