News - 2016

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December 2016
Pharmacy Portal  
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December 2016
MyCCSP Module  
Nexen Hydrocarbon Release Course
December 2016
Nexen CBT  
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November 2016
Save Bennachie Newsletter and AGM  
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November 2016
PatternsAI Launches  
CareFolio - Online Revalidation Portfolio Service
November 2016
CareFolio Launches As On-Line Healthcare Service
We are pleased to launch our latest on-line service CareFolio. CareFolio is an online electronic portfolio to address the Nursing and Midwifery Council revalidation requirements for healthcare professionals.
Leathan Taxis
October 2016
Leathan Taxis New Web Site
Leathan Taxis is an established local taxi firm based in Portlethen in Aberdeenshire. Leathan Taxis has been successfully operating for over 20 years.
AHP Rebranding to Osprey Housing
September 2016
AHP Rebranding to Osprey Housing and Portal Upgrade
We are pleased to have been involved in the rebranding of Aberdeenshire Housing Partnership (AHP) to Osprey Housing. We have also be upgrading the portal to include new features and their updated branding.
READ Portal
August 2016
READ Portal Upgrade
We are pleased to have been working on a range of new features and enhancements for READ Cased Hole Digital Delivery System (DDS) portal service.
MyThofa Site
July 2016
MyThofa Launches
We are please to have been involved in the development and launch of India's most exclusive gift registry - Their recent launch event in The Park Hotel Bangalore - Was a great success. We wish them well with their innovative service.
Wag-a-Day Launch
June 2016
WAG New Web Site Launched
We are pleased to have launched the new web site for Wag-A-Day pet care services.
Save Bennachie Flyers
May 2016
Save Bennachie Flyers
The first batch of flyers to promote the Save Bennachie Campaign arrived today!
Nkhoma Farming Group
April 2016
Global Web Help Farming Training Class in Malawi
During a recent visit to Nkhoma Hospital in Malawi our bags were put to good use!
Nick Jackson and Amy Annard
March 2016
Risk Dimensions Launch New Web Site
Risk Dimensions are pleased to launch their new site site which was design and developed by Global Web Limited.
Work Placement Sample Images
February 2016
UHI Student Completes Work Placement
During December 2015 and January 2016 A student from UHI - Fiona Carter - joined the GWL team to complete a work placement.
Bennachie in Aberdeenshire, Scotland
February 2016
Save Bennachie Alliance Web Site Launched
We are pleased to announce the launch of the new "Save Bennachie" Alliance web site. Save Bennachie Alliance is working to protect and defend Bennachie and its surrounding area from the A96 dual carriageway.
Efficient Effective Responsive
January 2016
Updated Publicity Web Site Launched
We are please to announce our main publicity web site has been updated to include new content and portfolio items. All feedback and comments are welcome.

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